We Demand Communist China Pay Restitution To Americans

As we come through this Pandemic, we will need to revaluate our policies regarding our relationship with China. 

The failed foreign policy of yesterday does not serve the American people now nor will it tomorrow!

We propose now as the time to make a significant shift in Foreign Policy!

Beginning with what we will and what we will not tolerate from the Communist Party Leaders of China! #NeverSocialism2020

The Communist Party of China, in keeping with its traditions of secrecy and control, has purposefully, willfully, and knowingly both endangered life and caused the loss of life on a global scale.  

China is ruled by a communist regime that has nothing in common with the principles of our free and open society.

The Life and Liberties of individuals are not concerns for the leaders of The Communist Party of China. 

The execution of their central plan is not bound by such cumbersome obstacles as a free will of the people.

China is and has been a political, economic, and Human Rights threat to the world and the American people for decades. The Communist Party of China has also been engaged in acts of theft and espionage against American interest. 

We do not serve Americas’ interests by supporting regimes who rule via an ideology in direct opposition to our founding principles of Life and Liberty. 

The Communist Party of China uses Rule by law, not by the Rule of Law.  

Today Wednesday, April 1, 2020, Maryland congressional candidates: Kevin Caldwell (MD 6th) and Tim Fazenbaker (MD 2nd) pledged to fight in Congress to hold Communist China responsible. Charles Anthony (MD 3rd) , and Jason Roberge (VA 7th) have also taken the pledge. Others are expected to pledge as well. 

We pledge to fight in Congress to ensure the Communist Chinese Government makes restitution to the American people! 

When elected, we will fight for the President’s America First policy!                                     

We must have a Zero Trust First Policy with any Communist Party Controlled Country!


 We will Defend Our Homeland by imposing Harsh Economic Sanctions to include the Department of Treasury electronically confiscating all treasuries held by China and prohibiting China from holding, buying, or selling any US Treasuries. We will not default on any debt but will resell them and use the proceeds for the pandemics US victims.

We will hold China accountable for any violations of the following. 

Any armed intervention into Hong Kong. 

Any efforts to steal National security secrets and or US Corporate intellectual property. 

Any Subversive activities against American interest in International Organizations abroad.  

Limit China’s education and media organizations activities in the US just as they do ours in China.

Due to the President’s announcement of a National Emergency USC 50 1702(a)(1)(c), China has no Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, immunity. Thus just as international law allows companies to seek damages from foreign entities, we will fight to give the American citizens the same opportunity. 

A threat to the liberties of the Chinese people is a threat to our freedoms here at home. 

America must be the Champion of Human Rights.  If we do not who will? 

We must secure our own Liberties at home if we lose them here where will anyone go? 

It is time we ask ourselves, what do we value most in America? Somethings should never be for sale or about profit.

“Ask not what your country can do…” wasn’t about the buildings. 

The Country isn’t gov buildings. We Are the Country!  We Do For One Another. Civic Pride & Duty 2020

We will begin to redefine Americas Association with Communist Controlled Countries & other Totalitarian Regimes. 

America First!

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