Veterans Affairs

As a post 9/11 veteran from a family of veterans wife and father, veterans affairs will always be one of my top priorities!

We must never forget the debt we owe to those who have paid the price for our freedom with their service and sacrifice. I know first hand that our Veterans Centers have many great people who care very deeply for the care and welfare of our Veterans. They like the Veterans themselves are often caught up in an unresponsive and cumbersome system that often times has little oversight and accountability. 


Since we are dealing with individuals’ lives, the severity and importance of Veterans Health Care, Mental health services, Suicide prevention, Traumatic brain injury treatment, Services for homeless veterans, and Rural health care initiatives are of the highest priority to save and improve the quality of lives for millions. 


As your Representative in the 6th and as a citizen who is directly affected by this issue, I pledge there will be no more vocal or public advocate for you in Congress than me.


Veterans Health Care, Mental health services, Suicide prevention, Traumatic brain injury treatment, Services for homeless veterans, and Rural health care and services initiatives 


Are MY TOP Priorities!


As a veteran, I will request and fight(if necessary) to be on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. I will focus on oversight, improving services, and accountability. 



When elected, I have also pledged any assistance I can for SGT Derrick Miller



I also believe I have a duty to my fellow Veterans most especially to our COMBAT Veterans to ensure to the best of my ability that our foreign policy represents We The Peoples’ interest and not the interest of others. War is the ultimate failure in foreign policy, and as with everything else, We The People pay the price. As a child of the Vietnam War (Father) and as a post 9/11 veteran (myself) and If I ever were to vote yeah to send our troops in harm’s way, I would be potentially sending my own wife (currently a nurse in the Navy Reserve 16yrs) my family has skin in the game.


 I am already a Veteran Rep. I ask for your vote as yours in Congress.



My first duty to you above all others is to do all I can to make sure we do not ever have to call My Brothers In Arms to duty in War.


ENOUGH of our Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and daughters already lie in National Cemeteries here and around the world. 




As I have said many times like my Father before me I am just a Simple Soldier For America

America and You have my undying loyalty this I SWEAR. 

I literally owe my life to the actions of a few brave men that saved my dads like in the jungles of Vietnam 

A year before I was born. 



I will never give up,

 I will never give in,

 I will never back down

I will never forget!

Forever Grateful

SGT Kevin T Caldwell U.S. Army

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