Why I am Running. 

In full disclosure, I admit in the words of Mark Lane “Some things are not about politics, nor solely based on principles, no some things are irrevocably personal. ” My Country and keeping it in the traditions of the one I love and have fought for is one of those things. 

I am running because I do not believe we have now and have not had for some time representation in Congress looking out for our best interest. I do not see anyone in this race that represents me. As a veteran and a husband who may have a spouse, A Navy Reserve Nurse sent to any of the current hotspots I desire, neither our current 6th C.D. OFFICE HOLDER or any long time state officeholder in office when she or anyone else for that matter is protecting us on the front lines. No offense to anyone. It is how I feel in my heart.

I am fighting to get to Congress to Protect and Defend our American Constitutional Way of Life for all of us. I will fight to keep our Country from further being transformed into something utterly unrecognizable from what I grew up in or our Founding. Never Socialism 2020!


Slowly our ability to exercise our rights has been eroded by our government. Our elected officials use their authority within the government as a self-serving tool. 


Liberty, Life, Self Governance, Restrained government, 

Control of Property and Ownership, Justice, 

The Amerian Cause Freedom and Peace being the cause of All Mankind.

Are not just words in an election for me. 

I have already and am willing again to lay down my life in their defense.   

I will not be silent in Congress fighting doing everything I can to halt this continued movement towards an ever-increasing tyrannical bureaucracy lead by a legion of unappointed bureaucrats. 


I offer my services on the ballot to my fellow citizens, so we may all have the opportunity to have our vote send a Loud message to Congress on down.


No More of the Status Quo where only those in government or an elite few benefits while we bear the cost. 


We Deserve Better & We Can Do Better 

We CAN have a non-establishment citizen legislator that will protect our liberties and property in D.C. and Lead in Service to our community at Home. 

If we dare to put one there.


Vote Caldwell for Congress in CD6. 

Help me help U.S. send a message to D.C.

If you have ever wanted to send one? 

Allow me to be that message.

We The People are Still In Charge.  

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