Universal Charitable Tax Credit

The U.C.C. will give every tax payer in America some control over a small part of the federal budget. We Can Do Better.org

The U.C.C. will give every tax payer in America some control over a small part of the federal budget.

It will allow you to send a portion of your federal tax liability (for example $1,000 single & $2,000 married) to a qualified non profit in your community or state that provides a public service instead of sending it to the IRS. You decide instead of Congress.

Example: $10,000 tax liability. If you are single $9,000 to the IRS & $1,000 to your community.

Why is this important and what will it accomplish?

We have no choice or cannot affect how much or where our tax dollars are spent, 

We have no mechanism of accountability and we lack the power to incentivize or dis-incentivize the direction of resources based on efficiency, impact, or results. We cannot vote with our tax dollars. 

We do not get to choose how much money to give to government based on its efficiency, impact, or results. The same amount of money will be taken from us regardless and spent in ways that we cannot directly determine and cannot be quickly changed.

Guarantees perpetual revenue

Redistribution based on coercion guarantees those who collect and spend it will have perpetual revenue so institutional career politicians have no practical need or incentive to curb waste, spend wisely, or correct poor outcomes.

Massively concentrates money and power

Collecting money through coercion ensures that only a small number of people make decisions about how large amounts of our money is spent, the essence of political corruption.

Disincentivizes quality in social services

Does not respond to real-world outcomes

NO mechanism of accountability

We cannot vote with our tax dollars, 

Makes us less likely to act on our compassion when money is taken coercively, and spent unwisely we lose the gift of giving. It gives us the false impression that our responsibilities to each other are already being met, and diminishes our incentive to meet the needs of others. The disconnect, and lack of confidence in outcomes create an adversarial role between giver and receiver. There is a misplaced anger at the receiver over frustrations form having little or no effect on the outcome with the collectors and decision makers.

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