The Budget Restoration Act

No longer will the budget of last year be the model for the budget of next year.

The Budget Restoration Act:  “To guarantee an honest accounting of our Federal Budget by implementing zero base-line budgeting.” (Contract with America, 1994). No longer will the budget of last year be the model for the budget of next year.

 Neither Congress Nor the Congressional Budget Office or the Government Accounting Office can currently or has ever been able to provide a complete list of all Gov. agencies and the programs they administer. Thus no accurate account can be given for how our tax dollars are spent. Spending is Congress’s most dangerous power. It is our personal property and prosperity used to pay every check they write. Thus ultimately, the control over private property is the control of freedom itself. I will fight in Congress against out of control spending even when no one listens. I will fight in committee, on the house floor, in the public forum to get rid of as much wasted and reckless government spending as I  possibly can. 


Some Proposed Solutions 

The Budget Restoration Act

The Universal Charitable Tax Credit 

Cut government spending 10% across the board. 

Making spending a set % of GDP? 

The Budget Restoration Act (Yes I listed it twice for a reason KC) 

Keep in mind. The debt we accumulate now will be put directly on the backs of our children and their children and their children. 

Do we have that right?

I believe we do not. 

If no one says anything, it will never stop. 

I will not be silent on spending.  


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