The 2nd Amendment

Shall Not Be Infringed Act 2020

I will fight in Congress to prevent the States from further eroding the guarantees of the Second Amendment  

I will submit legislation to amend H.R. 1072 “The Second Amendment Guarantee Act” to include handguns. 

The Bill of Rights guarantees our Second Amendment Rights. Thus, the Federal government must protect the exercising of that right. The right to bear arms cannot be taken away. Local and state governments can only prevent us from exercising that right. 

The Constitution does not say the government gives us the right to bear arms. It says We The People inherently possess that right, and the government federal, state or local shall pass no laws infringing in any way upon that right. 

As citizens of Maryland, we know all too well how our local and state governments prevent us from fully exercising our Second Amendment rights. 


I will fight the government at all levels to make sure every law-abiding citizen always has the freedom to fully exercise their Second Amendment right.

Va 2A Rally A threat to 2A freedom in Va is a threat to Md also.

Kevin Caldwell, 2020 Republican Candidate for Congress in Maryland's 6th Congressional District

Md Patriots who took the bus trip with Kevin to the rally.

Kevin Caldwell, 2020 Republican Candidate for Congress in Maryland's 6th Congressional District, Speaking with Bullhorn at Virginia 2nd Amendment rally.

Kevin leading the rally in Va.

Photo compliments of the Washington ComPost

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